DressAfford items to wear in the fall of the wedding

LuLaRoe Color Challenge-

Starting Sunday Feb 11th we will start the color challenge. I will post daily a thread for you to post yourself wearing the "color of the day." Each day I will be giving away a "color of the day" giveaway too! DressAfford items to wear in the fall of the wedding ?

To participate you do not need to be wearing lula BUT if you know you need something for a particular color so you can wear lula for each of those days- holler at me!

This will be a fun week full of color and giveaways- ?

I am so excited for us all to band together and dress in the same colors daily. We are truly the sisterhood (and brotherhood ? ) of color and I couldnt be happier to kick this off.

We will be doing a GIVEAWAY for one lucky person who participates all 7 days ?

? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?

We will use the following hashtags # llrcolorchallenge # lifeistooshorttowearboringclothes # womenempoweringwomen
# beautyandhustle
Sun- Purple
Mon- Yellow
Tues- Blue
Wed- Red
Thurs- Pink
Fri- Green
Sat- Silver (grey works!)
Sun- Orange

Who is in???? Feb 11th its on!!!!