cut out prom dresses

I genuinely don’t understand the shock horror and collective butt hurt of Bani Ganesh over the # nikelondon adverts using mainly black people for the following reasons.

1. Black people are the sole (see what I did there ?) reason that Nike is the most popular shoemaker and sports brand by way of hip hop culture and of course hundreds of thousands of elite athletes in all the sports considered to be “cool” (only considered to be such because of black peoples involvement in them.. we even made golf cool for a hot minute FFS!)

2. London youth culture is synonymous with black culture, everyone says whagwarn and fam and all that. You walk into shopping centres and it’s afro best grime and rap playing NOT Bhangra. Even uk Asian “youth”/urban culture is a blatant rip off of black culture.. don’t believe me? Gold teeth, Gucci belt with the buckle showing, fades and Air Force ones? New era hats? You guys don’t dress like that back home. Maybe if they do a Bradford Nike advert it can feature more Asians but this advert was spot on.. you mad coz they didn’t show tower hamlets? cut out prom dresses

3. Lastly why is it only when an advert featured exclusively black youth you guys get upset but say nothing all the times you are excluded by white people? Black Muslim sisters aren’t represented in any media coverage of hijabis but you guys don’t have a problem with that?

Anyway y’all stay mad innit.