dresses for party

This is not my story but it’s too funny not to pass along

So, I went in for a routine lady checkup, right... And of course I scrubbed, scraped and shaved like I was going on a first date with with the man of my dreams.. And I decide I'm gonna go with the new body spray I bought... So I spritzed myself like a second shower! I made sure to double spritz the land down under so it would smell like sweet magnolias or whatever the scent of the month was at Bath & Body Works... Boom, get dressed and head out... As I'm laying on the table with my ankles to my ears.. My doc begins the exam.. and giggles!... TWICE!!... Idk about y'all! But when someone is face to face with my lady taco... laughing isn't the first thing you wanna hear dresses for party ?‍♀️ So I'm asking: Uhhh, is everything ok?... Of course my doc is apologizing but he can't help but still smirk.. Sooo I take a peek ? ... and yall!!! It looked like a party in my pants!... I had used glitter spray!!!.. Under the 7000 watt spotlight, it looked like a disco ball... Now I'm laughing.. The doc is laughing.. So awkward... He finds his way through Sparkle Valley and finishes up... As he walks out, he let's me know that it's totally fine to come as you are... He said further, no need to get fancy ? ? ?