lace long sleeve wedding dresses

Wanted to brag about my wedding dress for a second ? I knew from the start that for my fall, mountain wedding I wanted the long lace sleeves. I could picture it in my mind! We went and did the typical "wedding dress day shopping" and I'm so thankful we did! I wanted to have that moment with all my girls and be able to try on different dresses. We even had the "everybody cried, this is the one" moment. BUT YALL I couldn't put $1200+ towards a dress ? Even the BELT I wanted was $200 ? So, long story short we went home with nothing. When I got home I got on this site called JJS HOUSE that we had heard about and found THIS dress....for $220. Shipping & all. I took a chance - mom took all my measurements, we ordered the dress. I spent $75 on alterations to make the perfect fit -- BOOM less than $300 on my wedding dress. I also found an almost identical belt for like $40 on Etsy. IT CAN BE DONE LADIES lace long sleeve wedding dresses ? I have no regrets!