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Blast from the past 2
Descending from the elevator into the private car park that held both her and her husbands vehicles, she climbed into the back seat of the Escalade that was hers and strapping herself in, braced herself for the ride to her home. She had no plans of staying at home long enough to have a confrontation with her husband. The children would not be home till about two o’clock so she had a lot of time on her hands to while away before they returned. Her driver, the ever efficient Mr Akin was already sitting at the drivers side of her car, so she spoke to him, giving him instructions to take her directly home, and then get her Honda Pilot jeep ready for the event of the evening. lace prom dresses 2019
The ride home was quiet as she was not in a chatty mood. All through she kept on thinking of how bad things had gotten between her and her husband. Then she had had a lot of respect for him, virtually living in awe of him. She could not have imagined raising her voice to him then, but during their altercation yesterday, she had almost raised her hand to hit him. She knew deep down inside her that she was slowly beginning to develop a feeling of animosity towards him.
Though it was no fault of his that his manhood had refused to be effective for a while now, she could not help but blame him for the constant mood swings her lack of sex was causing her.
The Escalade rolled into the gates of the luxurious Banana Island home of the Philips. It was a magnificient dulex located at the shore of the Atlantic. When they had moved in a couple of years ago, Mrs Philips had insisted on a calming white for its theme both within and without. Now however, the looming white walls seemed to be oppresive to her, reminding her of a prison. On getting into the house, she sighted her husband sitting in his study, smoking a pipe and reading the days edition of the papers.
it is obvious he just got out of bed she thought what a lazy man.
Grunting towardss him in greeting, she walked past the study and made her way to her bedroom. The couple had made use of seperate bedrooms since they had lived here, and she was now more than ever grateful that she didnt have to face the man she called her husband at every waking moment.
She walked into her bedroom, the time was just 2 o clock, and plopping up in her bed, fell into a dreamless sleep.
She woke up at four, sweating profusely despite the cool draught of air blown from the central air conditioning unit. She was startled to see her husband standing by her door.
He was a large man with a mop of fluffy greying hairs and his trademark gold spectacles.
He had a thick British accent courtesy of the years he had studied at Oxford. This evening, he was robed in his dressing gown, and holding a tray in his hands laden with a jug of tea and some biscuits.
”I wanted to come get you some thing to eat. I noticed you have had nothing since you came in” He told her.
It was a move to make ammends she knew, but she was really not in the mood for this. What was the use of making peace with him when the would always fall apart again.
”Thank you I am not hungry” She replied caustically ”Even if I was hungry, I would call the maid to get me food. At least they can perfom their duties. Unlike some people” She replied derisively. That last line was not needed and she knew it but she relished every opportunity to bruise his already damaged ego.
He seemed to consider her words for a moment, and dropping the tray on her dresser left her in peace, obviously hurt by her belligerence.
Getting up from the bed, she walked into the spa attached to her bathroom, and taking off her clothes put on the apparatus and sat naked as she steamed herself. Looking at her body in the full length mirror, she decided that she was still young and did not deserve to be sex starved like her husband currently made her feel.
It took her the better part of two hours to get ready for her outing. She chose a full length Prada dress, with a slit up to her thigh, and light evening makeup to accentuate her stunning physique.
Before she left her room, she picked up one of the biscuits he had left her and noticing for the first time, they were the home made version he prepared himself, she threw it back on the tray and stormed off to the garage where her driver was waiting to ferry her to the event.
It was a charity ball organised for orphans and it held at the prestigious Oriental hotel in Lekki. There were a thousand and one celebrities in attendance but as usual she stole the show.
From the moment she stepped down from the vehicle, the lights from cameras never stopped flashing. It was at moments like this that she felt really happy. A host of celebrities came to her so they could be photographed together and she smiled ever so sweetly as various people pandered up to her.
It was in the midst of this that she heard a voice behind her, a voice forever etched in her memory, whisper into her ears.
”Still as stunning as ever I see Linda”
She froze, and turning around came face to face with the last person she ever expected to see, her face turning pale as all the blood was drained from it.