modest designed wedding garment in vintage style

Woke up this morning and said a prayer, I thought about a few things and got pissed at the manner people around you want you to live by their standards, not yours, theirs, like your opinion counts or influences their lives, bloody hypocrites. ?

I am a mad fan of Wizkid, Ycee & Davido, I also admire OAPs like D.O.2.D.T.U.N # Dotun , Sound city Adams and Mtv Base Dada Bwoy Ehiz, these guys inspire me a lot. And so my fashion abi na dress sense dem dey call am is highly influenced by them, you can imagine been influenced by plenty while you are just one person.

Our country is funny sha, Wizkid, Ycee, Davido all wears EARRINGS right? What about TATTOOS? Damn right they all wear tattoos. Wizkid hair na gold color now o abi? He has gone blonde. When they agree to perform at your event after you must have paid them a fortune, you still have to provide them with security right? All the police, mopol, and even military men sometimes assigned to them gets extremely excited doing their job then, singing praises to the stars and even begging them for pictures.

Wow! I will love to be like them someday. However, the irony of this story is that; I wear earrings, no tattoos yet, no criminal record too, I love wearing jewelries (even though na fake ones for now), I try to look like those I look up to, that means I do color my hair sometimes too, or even keep dreads like Dada Bwoy sef.

Why is it that the society, especially the older ones (parents and guardians, security agencies and poke nosing neighbors) always insist you are wayward just for trying to be like your role models? Same role models they celebrate all the time bagging multimillionaire endorsements (abi na because we never blow like them yet?). But these people know I am a musician, they know I am an urban OAP, yet they want me to dress and appear like a banker, pastor, or even lawyer. I call that 'living a lie'.

Note: The Cooperate dressing y'all talk about does not mean wearing a long sleeved shirt tucked in a material trouser or pants, or even wearing native attires like Etibo abi na Itibo sef. It simply refers to the dress pattern accepted in that profession, organization or gathering. For example, the NPF has their uniform, it is their cooperate identity, Lawyers have theirs, and even bankers love suits pass the way monkey love banana, that's because it is their cooperate identity.
Meanwhile, as an artist I have the liberty to choose whatever outfit I desire # smile without restrictions.

No disrespect intended though, but I will love to know who influenced our father's dress abi na fashion sense way back, they looked like confused ninjas, (there is photo evidence below this post) yet they will complain at every slight opportunity in respect to our fashion choices, they'll be like, "what kind of Sneakers and tear tear jean is this one"? Imagine say I get plenty money, come buy and wear that Kanye West tear tear expensive designers shirt come house lol, my Popsy go scream, "somebody please get me a chain, my son has gone mad" modest designed wedding garment in vintage style ? meanwhile dem too copy oyibo people for their time o!

I don tire to write jor... my point is, don't use the standards of your youthful days as yardsticks to ours. Because if you ask me to dress like you did then, I will commit suicide, below is a photo evidence o!
Change is constant, accept it with all humility. For me, it is better to dress crazy like Denrele and be entertaining yet be free from crime and the ills of the society, than to dress gentle like bankers and politicians, yet be the devil witch hunting the peace, love, and growth of our nation. Judge not by mere appearances, it could be an artistic expression, rather, judge people by their deeds and character. Looks can be deceiving.

My name is Odayibo Tamaraupreye Jonathan, popularly known as Yawng Boss aka The Finest Boy on Tv and The Baddest Boy on Radio.

I am not Ben Murray Bruce, so I don't even know if I made common sense that is not even common around here, anyway good morning FAM ? ?

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