navy blue dresses for wedding

Back for another day of hot desking at “wework”... these locations are great.

Today, Devonshire Square, in the heart of London. Our home base, Manhattan Beach, California. Yet it’s all familiar...

And, they make things simple for their customers. Simple and super friendly too. Big lesson to all of us in business.

Booking is made in seconds via the app. All worldwide locations can be viewed on a map on your phone. You are connected to a global community.

Fresh ground coffee and even beer on tap, all included!

When you arrive at any of their locations... you are greeted with a genuine smile and you are already logged on to their super fast broadband as soon as you set foot in the building, no codes or connection issues. navy blue dresses for wedding

I dressed in my retro paul smith t shirt and hoody to try and fit in today too, only to realize... It’s me that’s actually bloody retro.