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So, in my final year in school, i met this girl who was desperate for marriage,,,

As we walked pass Law faculty,, she said bitterly; "any guy who comes my way now and proposes, i will just say yes to him,, "

I was shocked to hear a graduate speak like that,,,
She continued,, "all my mates are married,, why cant i? "

And later,, i met another lady,,, who was fasting and praying,, that a guy will just say hello to her,,, she said, "look Bless, whether the devil likes it or not,, i must marry this year.".
So i asked, "why"?
"All my mates are married,,,
My female friends in school are all married,,,
Besides, i dont want to return to my father's house without a man, i'm tired of him not respecting me, as he respects my sisters who are already married "that was her reply.

I asked again,, "is that all the reasons why you want to get married? "

She said,, "Bless, i want to be happy,,, i need to settle down,,, i want a man that will make me happy"

So i asked, "so you are not happy being single,,?"
She laughed saying that i wont understand what it feels like being single, when all your friends are married,,
Then she dropped a bomb that made me shout unconsciously,,, she said,, "if i dont marry now,, who would be my maid of honour,, who would be my bride's maids?when all my friends all get married"
"jeez, are you really ok?
So you wanna marry cus of brides maides,,?
You wanna marry cus you wanna be happy?
I asked her,,,

Then i asked her,, "if you marry now,, what can you contribute to your husband's life? "
She kept quiet,,,
"What impact would you make in your children's life? She kept quiet,,
"How would you assist your husband? "
She said,, its not her role to assist her husband,, that her husband is supposed to take care of her and her family,,,,,

In fact lemme cut the long story short,,,, she ended by stating that, her only role is to satisfy her husband sexually and give birth to children,,, as for cooking,,, though she cant cook , her husband will definitely eat her food like that,, since he has no other option,,

This idiosyncrasy of getting married immediately after school, has made many young girls useless,,,,
Yea,, i mean absolutely useless to their family, husband, children, generation, society at large and even useless to their creator,,,,

Before you quote me wrong,, i am not against marriage after school or even before finishing school,, no,, not at all
My point is marriage without a vision,,marriage without purpose,, ,
Most ladies, think marriage is jst d climax of their career,, after marriage,,, nothing more than to sit down and raise children,,,

Young lady,, please get a life first,,,
If the highest thing that can happen to a woman is marriage, then there is no need for women going to school,,, Mothers should have just taught their daughters how to cook,have sex and raise children,,, but you go to school so you can be useful to yourself, family, and society,,,, sexy and sassy wedding bridal wears

If you cant be happy as a single lady, there is no guarantee that you would be happy as a married woman,,,,
If you cant be respected as a single lady, there is no guarantee you will be respected as a married woman, cus its still d same you that is getting married,,, you didnt change,,, or did you?

You graduated from the University with a first class result,, only to end up as a full time house wife,,whose job is to cook, have sex and reproduce, nothing more,,
My dear,,, you shouldn't have been to school in the first place,,,

I heard a young girl, saying,, "me, i dont want to suffer again oo,, i have suffered enough,, i cant marry a man who does not have an estate of his own, at least two cars, etc, a man who cannot propose to me with a car key" What an illusion!
So i asked,, her,, "u've got a nice dream girl,, there is nobody who doesnt like good things,, but if i may ask, what are you doing now?"
She said,, "i dont understand ".. I said "what are you doing,,, to earn the attention of such a man?

She was mute,,, then said,, "i dress hot to kill,make up that when he passes by,, he cant resist my charm"

Yea,, so many gurls, are like this,,
Get a job,, no
Acquire a skill, no,,
Do a little business,, no
Read books, that will develop their lives, no

All you do,, after school, is to sit down, fold hands,, be walking about aimlessly just praying that mr. right will fall from heaven,,,
being sex toy to "chewing gum guys" jst cus you're desperate for marriage,,,

Dear lady,, if only you know your worth,, you would sit up, and think of something reasonable to do with your life,,, ,,,
If you marry that rich guy of your dream and have nothing to offer,, nothing, no single idea,,
You might lose him to another woman when he's in need of assistance and you cant help

Its a good thing to marry young,, but,,, how would you manage a home when you cant even manage yourself,,, ?

Sit up dearie,,, there is a great virtue hidden in you,,, your family, children, husband, society, need that virtue,, dont bury it,,, utilize it, now and even after marriage,,

Make your man proud and happy,,,
Let him know he has an asset not a liability,,,
Stop panicking if someone will marry you if you let that guy playing with your destiny go,, yes dear,, you would find a man who deserves you and would cherish you, cus you are a treasure,,
It hurts me when i see young gurls being desperate for marriage,,, you have more to offer to your world,,,
dont let that talent be buried,,,

Affect a soul with it,,

# GodLovesYou
# lil J