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BROKEN CHAIN Episode 8 “What? You call me a
cheat and a barren woman? She said and began
shedding tears. Nana was perhaps too hard on
her. He had never seen his wife shed tears
over a quarrel before. She was the one who
usually wins but today it was not so. Nana felt bad for making his wife cry but he couldn’t
help it. This was not the way he planned of on
confronting his wife, he made his anger over
shadow him. “I’m sorry, it didn’t come out
right. I’m sorry” Nana said. “You are sorry,
it doesn’t change anything. You called me a cheat and a barren, who is the cheat here, the
one I caught cheating on me is now calling me
a cheat. Wow, what a turn of events.” Adoley
said. “There she goes again. Always dwelling
on my past, I won’t call you a cheat if I don’t
have any basis ok” Nana said. Their anger now controlled them forgetting the love they
have for each other. Both of them thought they
were right. They tried to justify themselves by
yelling at each other even to the extent of
using their words against each other. That was
not supposed to be happening to them. Their constant quarrel was getting out of hand that
was breaking the chain that existed between
them when they got married. Fafa was
gradually winning, letting her take a vital role
in the family is tearing them apart now. The
yelling continued. From Adjoa’s room, she could hear them yet there was nothing she
could do. She just prayed to God to intervene
because their constant fighting and yelling was
becoming too much now. “What basis are you
talking about Nana, tell me” She asked.
“Your friend is not as bad as I thought, you should be asking her that” Nana said. “Fafa? vintage evening formal wears sales back to 1920s
You mean Fafa told you this lie” She asked
Nana. “Oh you think, she will support you like
she always does, right? Well guess what, she
didn’t. Besides she was the reason I got home
late if you care to know. How could you do this to me” Nana said. Adoley broke down. She
couldn’t believe her ears, Fafa actually told a
lie about her. She will never cheat for any
reason. She loves him very much but now she
has realized the fool she had been all this while
taking advice from a friend she thought she could trust. A friend she had grown up with.
How could she have done that to her. She
realized her mistakes and wished she could
turn the hands of time and make things right
now. If Fafa could go to that extent after even
advising her to cheat on her husband then she definately can’t be trusted. Suddenly, Adoley
took off the dress she wore and stood right in
front of Nana, totally naked. Nana had no idea
of what she was trying to do. It has been ages
since he even saw his own wife as naked as
she was now. She looked very beautiful while she stood there naked. There was no doubt
about that. Nana wanted to just grab the whole
of her and start kissing her, but his ego won’t
let him. Adoley stood and looking straight into
Nana’s eyes. Nana couldn’t look back, than
to turn his face away. “Nana look at me, look at me Nana” She said. “What are you trying
to do?” Nana asked. “Just look at me” She
said. Nana had no option now, He turned and
looked at his wife as she stood there naked.
“Take a good look into my eyes and tell me
that you believe that I cheated on you.” She said. Nana couldn’t answer her. He tried to
look away again but Adoley didn’t allow it.
“Tell me Nana this naked woman standing
right in front of you has cheated on you. You
are the only person who have ever seen my
nakedness. I love you. I know I have been too hard on you. I know I have given a place to
Fafa in this marriage which shouldn’t be so. I
want to re-write my past and be the wife I am
supposed to be. To love my husband and take
care of him no matter what. I decided that even
before you came home from work. I prepared your favorite meal bought the expensive
champagne I could lay my eyes on at the shop.
I just want to make things right between us
Nana.” Adoley confessed. Something she had
never done in her entire life. Nana on the other
hand saw the sincerity in her eyes and knew that she was speaking the truth and being
honest with him. “I thought I had lost you
Adoley, I thought this marriage will no longer
work. I even made reservation for dinner
today but when Fafa came to my office today, I
couldn’t just help it. Am sorry.” Nana said. “I understand, guess what” She said.
“What” Nana asked. “it’s too late to have
dinner don’t you think so” Adoley said. “I
think you are right, come to think of it I’m
really hungry” Nana said and turned away to
head to the kitchen. Adoley held him to his surprise and began unzipping his flap. “Your
dinner is right here my husband” She said.
Before they knew it, they were kissing
intensely. The bed was not big enough for
them, the shower was not enough for them,
they made love throughout the night. That was the very first time after their marriage they
had really enjoyed each other. It was a perfect