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As i slumber in the belly... i hear voices coming from the outside.

(6 months old)
"Sir, your son has been selected to undergo trails that are of dire importance for humanities survival."

Although i cant seen the expression on my fathers face, i took a guess and thought that he wasnt going to let them take me.

(7 months old)
We're at a place called home. As my mother feeds me, a knock is heard from the front door. I become angry because of the familiar voice i heard once m father opened the door.

"Hello, how do you do on this fine evening?"

I hear my father beginning to get frustrated. Though im not sure why.

My father responds " wonderful, and yourself?"

I can feel the anger in his voice. I move towards my mothers right rib cage and begin to eavesdrop.

The man replies " Oh, well im fantastic!" In what i suspect to be sarcasm leaking from his lips.

The man then goes on to say, "I've have stopped by your home for a reason. Want to know what that is?"

My father replies, " Sure, ill indulge the situation. Why have you come here, and how did you find out where we live?"

The man replies, " i am a government contractor, and im here to discuss an arrangement for your family. However, this arrangement is mostly based on your son."

I hear my father say, "what about him, he isnt even born yet. What could you possibly want with him?"

The man then replies, "i am undergoing some specific, classified research, and i believe that your son would be the perfect candidate for it."

"What kind of research? My father says

The room was quite for a moment... then the man said, "i cannot offer you that sort of clearance, my good sir. But i can say that it involves numerous tests. They're not lethal, just so i might add."

I begin contemplating on what the tests might be. Everything that came to mind was either horrific, or very interesting.

I hear my father say, "Sorry, but unless you tell us whats going to happening with our son once you've taken him, we respectfully decline to feed into this nonsense."

The man replies, " oh? Are you positive?

After a little bit of time goes by, i hear this grunting noise. It doesnt sound like fighting, nothing seems to be getting broken or anything. But i hear my mother say, "Get Out!!"

(5 years later)
As im drawing in my room, i hear a huge BANG noise coming from downstairs. I hear feet running, getting louder the closer they get. My mother burst into my room, packing some of my favorite things like toys, coloring books, and some sort of triangular device into my backpack.

I say to her, "Mommy? Whats going on?

She takes a while kneeling next to a table in my room, until she finally turns to me and says, "we have to go."

I ask her, "why?"

She says, "dont worry, baby. Everything is going to be okay."

I hear shouting coming from the outside of my window, as i go to check out whats happening, my mother grabs me and we start heading towards the garage. We get into the car as the door lifts to open, and all i see are black cars and suv's. I see my father being placed into one, then it drives away.

My mother looks at me through the mirror and smiles. I smile back, of course.

(3 hours later, the same day)
We pull into this warehouse. My mother get out of the car and runs toward the door and suddenly it bursts open. I hear gunshots, loads of them. 5 minutes pass and men in black suits start flying out from the open door and some through windows. Im in awe, and curious as to what is going on. So i unbuckled my seat belt and get out of the car. I run towards the gunshots, towards the open door and i see something as tall as a ten foot ladder, dressed in what seems like ripped clothing, and covered in fur. As i walk in, it turned towards me and said, "Wait in the car!"

I stumble backwards falling on my butt. Im in shock. Suddenly i hear a gun go off, and what was then ten feet tall, laid flat on the floor. As i look to see the gunman, he says, "well hey there, little fella. You lost?"

I look towards the body, and it starts to change. It was my mother. She was shot directly in the back,so close to her heart that a major artery must've been hit. Blue blood begins to cover the floor, moving it way closer towards me, as if it was thinking and seeing for itself. As i try to touch it, the blood begins to touch back. As soon as contact was made, something weird began to happen to me. I started to grow rapidly. What was once a 5 year old boy, was now a full grow adult. I get up, filled with so much energy, it felt like i was on cocaine, though ive never been anywher around it. My body begins to change, the muscles in my body begin to enlarge, my once short hair began to grow longer, as long as a horses tail. And speaking of tails, one began to grow from where my pelvis bone is. My nails we as long as a ruler. After that, everything began to turn red. I felt so much anger and felt that i should just let it out. Let it run as far as it wanted. wedding selections in purple

(One week later)
I awakened from what felt like 20 year coma. I look at my hands and they are covered in blood, but its not my own. I began trying to remember what couldve lead up to this point. I started to have these uncontrollable flashbacks, and at the same time becoming filled with so many different emotions that i collapsed. I look up at the sky and ask "why? How?"

Suddenly i hear a familiar voice. I look and see the man who shot my mother. He looks, he smiles, however his smile was really crooked as if he was planning something devious. I get up and ask him, "what happened to me? And how'd i end up here?" (The location was an abandoned building that seemed to be a steel mill at one point in history.)

He looks to me and says, "my, my... look how much you've grown."

I said, "what? What do you mean?"

He pulls out a mirror from a bag that he had with him and put it to my face so that i could see myself. "Here, look "

I snatched the mirror from his hand. "Woah, easy there wolfy." He said with a smirk on his face

"What did you call me?" I replied

He began to explain to me the events that happened a week ago. Though i wasnt the much surprised.which he noticed.

I said, "so where do i go from here?"

He asks me, "do you have your pendant?"

"Pendant? What pendant?" I replied

He pulled closer to me as if someone were listening to our conversation and said, "a week ago, before this all happened, your mother didn't pack a pendant in your bag? Triangular in shape?"

I think to myself, "Wait! How does he know?"

As if he read my mind he said, "i gave it to her as a gift to you. Where's the bag?"

"In the car." I told him.

He looked at me as if i robbed a jewelry store and said, "Youre going to need it. Go and find it."

"Need it?" I ask... "why would i need it for? Its just a piece of metal."

He looked at me with disgust. He then began to say, "That pendant is like a soul chest. Youll need it if you want to keep the "other you" in line. Youll need to where it at all times. Especially when you're feeling any hostile emotions."

"Why?" I ask him curiously

"Because, if you dont have it on, specifically at night, that "other you" will become out of control." He said.

"Really?" i began to ponder about how i became this way and remember distinctively that i came into contact with blood that was actually my mothers.

So i asked him, "Exactly how did i grow so much in such a short amount of time?"

He replied, "by seeing the death of your mother, you body began to instinctively look for blood. Family blood. Though you are born with the same genes, for your type of werewolf species, for your abilities to become active, youll need to blood of an already transformed werewolf."

"What do you mean? " i ask.

He told me, "in the pendant you have, there is enough blood to supply you lifetimes over. Though you only have one life on this plane of existence, it is a very, very long one."

I began to ask about my father, "hes fine." He said. His blood is being transfered for your sake."

"Why me?" I ask

He told me, "you are royalty."


"Yes, you are the next heir to become leader of a pack previously run by your father, and his father before him and so on, so forth. You will need to fully drink the blood given to you as well as the blood of your father." He said.

"Soo, i have to eat him?" I said

"No, ghoul... youll be given a dose that be the catalyst to the blood in the pendant." He replied.

"Okay, i get it. But what makes me so different from the rest?" I ask

"You are a one of a kind, my dear boy."

"One of a kind? And that means, what exactly?" I said

"Every 1,000 years, there is a one in a lifetime event. Since youve turned 5 not too long ago, time is up." He told me.

"Time is up? Huh... so wait you mean to tell me that my father is almost a millenia?" I said curiously.

"Ah so youre not so dumb after all.?" He lets out a loud laugh.

"Bite me, prick!" I replied

"See if i did that, I'd die. Literally." He said.

To be continued...... # Trademarked # TheWolvesDen