what to wear for the sister of groom


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1. Plan a casual wedding theme: Small and casual weddings allow people to feel much more comfortable and close to one another. Consider ditching elaborate, classy wedding themes like lace or ivy and go for something simple, like a color. Not only do people spend less on clothing, you spend less on decorations that you will only use once. Remember, the theme of your wedding is not important, your marriage is.
• Use what you have at home or make your own decorations. A few strings of Christmas lights, for example, will create beautiful lighting without breaking the bank. If you already have a lot of green decorations, consider making the color your theme.

2. Wear a suit instead of a tux: This is a good way for the groom to save money. If you already have a nice black suit, consider wearing it instead of a tuxedo. Even if you do not own a black suit, consider buying one for the wedding instead of renting a tuxedo. The cost of a respectable black suit is usually about the same as a one day tuxedo rental and you can use the suit again in the future.

3. Don't buy a wedding dress. It might sound like blasphemy, but wedding dresses are incredibly expensive to only wear once. Opt instead to borrow one from a mother, relative, or close friend. This is not only cost effective, it shows someone how much you care and begins a tradition of passing down a dress across generations.
More and more stores are renting out dresses now, allowing you to get your dream dress for a fraction of the cost.

Note: Get your marriage license first: The only things that are truly "necessary" for a marriage to happen are two people who want to be together forever, a legal certificate, and a witness or two. Focus on that idea as you plan your small wedding. You can always hold a reception later on, or separate from getting your license, in order to save money and cut costs

4. Get friends to fill in for photographers/videographers: A good photographer can cost you several hundred nairas, but a small wedding can benefit immeasurably from a friend's touch. Ask a friend with a nice camera if they are willing to spare 1-2 hours of the party to take pictures and offer to pay them for their service. Not only will you feel comfortable being photographed by someone you know, you limit the number of people at your reception and save money. what to wear for the sister of groom

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