white evening dresses

Woke up a little before 5 am this morning. I overslept. LOL.

I waited until the sun's first rays of light began to peek over the horizon before stepping outside to see how much snow fell overnight; looks like about 4 inches. I guess that beats the 6-8 inches they said we could get.

It's beautiful outside. Not a cloud in the sky. And the wind hasn't begun to blow, thankfully. High today around 42 so I suspect much of the white stuff will melt by end of the day. And even more will melt tomorrow with a high of 51 forecast.

We were going to grill burgers for lunch today. But with all the snow it was decided yesterday that 2 pots of chili would suffice. So chili it is.

None of our group has to drive to get here. Though it is a far piece to walk here from the river in this kind of weather I expect we'll see at least 3 from the tents down on the river. I hesitate to cancel services because I have no means of contacting our river people to tell them not to come. So we'll plan on keeping our scheduled meeting time at 2 pm. Hopefully the paths from the river to here will be mostly clear by then.

We finally got our guy moved out of the van and into the trailer. It was a mess and we bought him some cleaning supplies and a foam mattress pad with a foam cover to put it in. The couch cushions that had been used for a mattress were nasty with dog stuff. We threw them in the dumpster. Then we gave him a box of dishes, pots and pans, coffee and a coffee maker. We bought a heat tape for the water supply hose and foam insulation for it too. Then we gave him a visa debit card to purchase some groceries. I am anxious to hear from him today to see how his night went. This will be the first time in months he has not slept in his van. He told me the most valuable thing for him is access to a toilet in the middle of the night without having to walk 200 yards and being able to stand up straight to get dressed. white evening dresses

We still have a lot to do to make this trailer "livable", like patch the hole in the vent covers on the roof and rebuild the side walls where the wood has rotted away. But, he's out of the van, out of the cold and well on his way to a better place. Yesterday while we got him moved he kept looking at me and smiling. He said, I've been here almost two years, waiting on someone to care. God finally answered my prayers. I had to walk away for a minute. Then I grabbed his hand, pulled him in for a hug and told him, "I love you man. God loves you too."

One person. One story at a time. That's how we're doing this. We do what we can, when we can, and all with your help. Thank you for helping us, help others. We're building roads and knocking down the gates of hades.

Clay Mason